Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My mother-in-law is probably the only one still checking my blog. You're a woman of great patience, Gaye. :) I've been up to my eyes in growing kids! I know you know what I'm talking about. I've also been facebook-ing, but not really, because I never update my status. A few days after my last post, Izak fell off his bike and had a nasty concussion, went to the hospital in an ambulance and everything. Great fun was had by all - and he was amazingly calm and cheerful. Such is the joy of being Izak. We spent the summer learning to swim, all except Levi, who was firmly stuck to my side, but next summer he's gonna "float, baby, float!!" I'm trying to hit some other highlights... oh, I've been working out in my basement with Leslie Sansone for 6 days/week and I'm skinnier than I've even been, even high school, and I feel great! Levi potty trained in a day in September, so I sold his cloth diapers and bought clothes that fit me and look nice, too. Matt is doing great at the Chapel. You can check out their new website at chapel.org. Under "Meet the Staff" you can find his bio. And from time to time you can listen to his sermons online. Tomorrow is our 14 year anniversary. 14 years. Amazing.

Thought I would post this excerpt from a letter I was writing earlier today. It would save me having to repeat my thoughts.

"I was very struck by your question on Saturday, "When does the joy come in ministry?" I've thought and thought about it. I think I can more clearly say now that I believe joy comes when you're walking in obedience and you really, truly sense God's pleasure in you. It's when you're in the right place, doing the thing He's asked you to do. I don't think that it's a unique experience to those in the ministry. God visits joy on all his children, marketplace and ministry, when He is pleased with them. I'd say my joy has come on the heels of very hard, challenging times that seemed to be dark with no hope of relief. Pregnancy, losing our church plant in New England, moving to Illinois and losing everything good and stable, moving to Buffalo - things that were a real struggle, things which I did not welcome, but participated in nonetheless. It was through them that joy came. Maybe as a by-product of the sorrow and struggle - only God could have an equation like that. The sacrifice was different in each circumstance. Some financial, some dealing with dreams and plans, most all relational... bu somehow, whether He replaced what I thought I lost or not, He always supplied the joy, and when there wasn't joy, He at least held out my hope when I couldn't. It was always about finding the end of myself and the place where He began."


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Surprise!! I'm still a regular follower of your blog! And facebook!! ;-)

The children are growing so quickly! What great photos! And now I'm curious to see a recent shot of you with all that working out you're doing! You Go Girl!!

Thanks for sharing the excerpt from your letter. Joy in ministry... what encouraging words resonated within those sentences!

The line that feels so close to my heart describing my last year was your last sentence. "It was always about finding the end of myself and the place where He began."

Nothing like being brought to the very end of myself only to find Him there waiting... *contented sigh* Yes, finding joy in HIM!

Thanks for a post that challenges and encourages my heart!

{{HUGS}} my dear, dear friend!

AND Happy Anniversary to both of you! Who knew 14 years later would find us all where we are today?... What an honor to have called you friends over the years!! Love to you both!

(Sorry, I think this turned more into a letter than a comment! Guess that means I miss you?!!?) :-)

cjoy said...

I'm still here, tagging along, too. So glad you posted - it's good to see everyone growing up and doing well...!

IndyMom said...

Love the flying swimmer pic. Google Reader is great. Let's me know when there are new posts on blogs I like to read :)

The Knapp's said...

Still checking regularly, Heidi, and glad to see you're all doing well!

I too, love the flying swimmer pic, but more than that I loved your line, "It was always about finding the end of myself and the place where He began."

Isn't it amazing how He continues to wait for us, patiently!, as we search and wander and finally begin to see the light all over again?

Thinking of your words often as I find myself in a good yet hard place: the trench.

Enjoy celebrating those 14 years!

The Knapp's said...

And thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me that Leslie is in my basement as well!!! We have a couple of small boxes left unpacked down there and I've been thinking lately about how I could exercise without going out in the cold Buffalo weather! This is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi, I'm not a big commenter but your blog is one of my favorite reads so don't stop!!! XO