Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy birthday, America. The older I get, the better you look to me. I'm so thankful to live here and enjoy your goodness. No, you're not perfect, but I chose you over any other nation. I'm so thankful for our men and women in uniform who serve here and abroad. I know we're still not impenetrable, but I rest easy at night knowing I'm here and not somewhere else in the world. I still cry when I hear the 1812 Overture. I cross my heart when I sing the national anthem. I am so grateful for you and the good things God is doing through you. Happy, happy birthday, old friend.


We've been running and trying to find quiet moments to pause and take in all that life has been handing us lately. There are many things that aren't mine to share, but just know that we're processing a lot. This is a shout out to the friends and family who've spent time listening and encouraging. Thank you for letting us put down our packs and rest for awhile. I rejoice in the opportunity to be stretched, and while I don't perceive the recent events to be "testing," it has served to clarify my beliefs in God and His goodness.... despite circumstance.

One thing I can share is that our little Levi went for tubes last Friday morning. He's had a nagging ear infection since March, and had four rounds of antibiotics. The ear doctor still came out of surgery and said his ears were badly infected. They drained nasty stuff for a day, but he did great, and seems to improve talking-wise every day! He's the fastest talker of the bunch, and remains a delight! Thank God for relief from pus-filled ears!

Through a series of events I am cutting back my work hours to approximately one day a week. We Bennetts are workers, evidenced by generations of hard (read "obessive") laborers... who, frankly, don't always know when to quit. So before I go any longer feeling like I see my husband less, and before I start wondering if the kids are feeling stressed with the increased pace, I've decided to dial it down and stay home another day.

This should be an intersting night. Rowdy, rowdy subdivision! There's music and explosives and plenty of alcohol. Trauma census should be up tomorrow! I've always loved the Fourth... maybe once the kids are a little older that joy will return. For now, I agonize over every little pop. When John Adams proclaimed that today should be commemorated loudly with much pomp and celebration, I'm almost certain that Mrs. Adams didn't sign off of it. If she had any kids under the age of ten she would've smacked him and demanded a re-write. Argh.

I've loved this day with Matt and the kids. He's such an amazing daddy and husband. He works as hard at home as he does at work. And the kids are testament to that. He's a rock star!

(POP! FIZZ! BANGBANGBANGBANG!) Well, here's to along night in suburbia.