Monday, August 13, 2007

Some July images

Urks and misses

Driving home in the minivan.

"Mom, do you urk?"

"Do I urk?"

Yeah, Daddy urks. Can you?"

"How does he urk?"

"You know - the big blue car when he goes fast. Uuuurrrrrrrkkkkkk!"


Potty trained child yells,"I have to go poopy!" And runs for the toilet. Toilet paper patrol follows and arrives to hear a lot of gassy noises but sees no concrete evidence. Child hops off toilet.

"Wait, wait. Do you need me to help wipe you?"


"No? Did you go poopy?"

"Nope. I missed."

Home again and again

I am officially going to stop apologizing for any long lapses in my blogging. I'm busy, which all of you understand, and this is a luxury for me. I'll stop right after I say this... sorry it's been so long.

We've been in a full court press here in Illinois. Kids. Church. Work. And last night at 10 p.m. we arrived home from a flying trip to Buffalo to see our soulmates. We were there "three sleeps," one of which was even our first sleep over (with four kids ages 3-6 in one bedroom!) with the Muslielaks. I spent a lot of time before the trip preparing for the trip... I've found that while I never underestimate the work that it'll take to accomplish large tasks I always underestimate the energy that I'll have going into it. I'm usually so much more tired that I hope to be. I hear that it passes - in about 10 years or so.

There are two couples in Buffalo who are, and remain our dearest friends. The Gobles and the Musielaks. The Gobles celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary while we were there, and we were able to attend (kid-free, thanks Rache!) a wonderful celebration for them in the rolling hills of Ellicotville. The Musielaks (Rick is our friend who is fighting cancer - see my husband's post ) and the Furrs pretty much spent every waking minute together. My body is exhausted, but my heart is full. Sunday morning we were able to go to church and catch up with a couple hundred people, all of whom offered love and encouragement... and pressure to come back!!! Thank you, everyone. My favorite comment was Elaine's, who said, "Glad things are going well for you out there. Don't unpack all the boxes, dear, I'm still praying you'll move back." This year I was able to receive the love and strength from our New York family without the questions of whether or not we were right to leave in the first place. It's a strange balance to find, love and appreciation amidst the sadness of being apart from New York - a balance that doesn't need to invalidate our current life in Illinois but can enhance it. I received so much affirmation in the deep places of my heart that have questioned "Am I a good friend?" "Do I love others well?" The Spirit whispered many, many times, "Yes." Thank you, Lord, for healing those places and giving me peace.

A shout out to my lukring Buffalo family. I love you so much.