Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Daily Outfit

The first thing she does after her morning bottle is retrieves those crazy dragon boots. The fireman's hat is not far behind.

At the risk of offending, I think he looks like Harry Potter. With blonde hair. And a better sense of humor and overall levity.

Reflecting on my Blog

My friend has been very open to receiving comments on her blog about the art of blogging and blog etiquette. She is a fairly new blogger (see Donut's blog "A Quiet Corner") but has a real gift for communicating. She's a warm person, a good friend, and it just flows out of her writing. I look at my blog and wonder if I've been fair when I opened this cyber-relational-account with the universe. Can I keep up? Will I carry my relational weight in the world of bloggers?

"Post every other day." My real preference is twice a week, but lately writing is a luxury item, like sleep. Or I could post a bunch of stuff all at once! Like pictures of my toes! Yeah! Good grief, what a loser. (laughing)

"Paragraphs." Got it.

"Easy on the eyes." Fine.

"Humorous." That's actually been my preference too lately. Life's hard. Let's laugh!!

"Leave comments." Uh-oh.

"No lurking." Double uh-oh.

If I do not comment, I do not intend to be rude or presumptuous. Twelve hours a day I'm usually somewhere between refereeing sibling interactions ("We do NOT push our friends!"), breastfeeding Mr. Boobie, or diving through the air to catch something being pulled over by Liberty, a.k.a., the Death Cheater. After the kids are in bed, I slump onto the couch with a little stream of drool coming from my mouth. Day over.

And I love to read your blogs, but I have such profound responses that 1) I cannot concisely capture what I want to tell you in a short period of time, and 2) I ran out of grown-up vocabulary about 5 hours ago. Just know that your blogs are very special places to me. Good writing. Good stories. Good reflection. It helps me feel like there are others trotting along this same path along with me. Feel free to lurk here, weary moms. Even if no one read me, I think I'd still blog. It's done wonders for clearing out nagging thoughts and funny scenes that occasionally stick in my head.


"Wanna pray, Mommy?"

"Sure, Buddy. You go ahead."

(holding my hand) "Dear Jesus, thank you for Mommy, and Fizzy Pop [Libby's nickname], and Izak. Thank you for Levi. Thank you for pizza and colored goldfish. (pause) And... (voice growing louder) thank you for Daddy, home very, VERY SOON! THE END!"

(Mommy giggling with eyes closed)

(Son thoughtfully reconsiders) "Aaaa-men!"