Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Levi is dedicated

Sunday we dedicated baby Levi to the Lord Jesus. May God's hand rest on Him.

He is wearing the dedication gown that my mother crocheted. I wasn't able to put the hat on... it was so small it looked like a yarmulka. My other two children were dedicated at 6-8 weeks of age. But I did manage to cram his feet into the booties. I look forward to handing down this gown to my children.

Matt was teasingly bemoaning the fact that another one of his boys had to "wear a dress." I asked him to think of it more as a robe...

June toe wear

Miss Liberty is TWO!

My daughter turned two last week. She is, of course, my pride and joy.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I was looking at the handprints that Libby left on the back step. It caught my attention, the brighter print that faded into nothingness. Reminds me of the fleeting nature of baby/toddler/childhood...

June Babies

And my June toewear: American flags for Memorial day.


One thing about mothering, it highlights my personal tendencies. I have a choice to either learn and be moldable, or insist on my way, become brittle, and break under the weight of it.

If I tend towards "control freak", I need to recognize and relenquish my need to always have my way.

If I trend towards passivity, I need to learn how to communicate and expect obedience.

If I hate the thought of playing with my kids, then I need to offer to play their favorite game with them, even if it means I get hot, sticky or wet.

If I would rather punish and ask quesitons later, I need to listen, get to the bottom of my anger, and not die on every hill.

If the thought of disciplining my child is a real turn-off, then I need to fight inertia and intentionally parent my child.

If I know that I'm an overbearing mom, then I need to give my kid some space.

If I like noise, I need to practice quietness.

If I like peace and quiet, I need to allow for noise.

And so on...