Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January Babies 2007

I apologize for the lack of blogging. The Holidays eliminated my margin, and 2007 has taken off like a shot out of a gun! The weekend before last I went to Buffalo to visit soul mates, and meet a beautiful baby girl that is now 7 months old! I've been battling 7 weeks of diarrhea with the baby, the girl is only 2.5 and beginning to surpass her brother in her art skill (see her rendering, unassisted, of a CAR), and the oldest has magically turned into this wonderful boy. One toddler, on half toddler/half girl, and one boy. Thank God we're growing up!

I continue to feed the birds, often times losing myself in thought as I stare at my feeders. I received a fantastic field guide to the birds of Illinois (thank you, Jenny!), which has been so helpful in identifying the exact species... still no cardinal, though I spent a good buck on a feeder with a deck for their landing preference.

There is more, so much more that I have on my heart. Little comments that the kids have made that are driving eternal truths into my soul. Welcomed words from good friends that challenge and pierce my heart. God is good to me, showing me the flood of grace that He continually pours out on me. I am being changed, every day, because of His mercies.

Late, but nonetheless - HAPPY NEW YEAR!