Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Candy Ring

What do you do with a big candy ring that you buy and snack on for what seems like hours and then you have a legitimate reason to put it down because you need to use your hands but you're afraid that your brothers might steal the ring and not give it back?

Just turn it into a nose ring! Atta' girl!

Spring Sprung

Birth Day

Last night I had the privilege of sitting beside my son's bed when he prayed to ask Jesus into his heart. With the gentle guidance of his daddy, my Izak stepped onto the little path of his new spiritual journey. Happy re-birth day, little one.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Funny thoughts

Yesterday I had two funny interactions with the oldest boy...

1. (Watching Curious George TV show about dinosaur bones)
(I): "Mom, do boogers have bones?"
(M): "No. Boogers are soft and squishy. They don't have bones."
(I): "But, Mom, this one is really hard...".

2. (Getting the girl dressed. Brother speaks up.)
(I): "Mom, Libby's belly butt sticks out."
(M): "What?"
(I): "Her belly butt. See? Mine goes in." (Lifts up shirt and points to navel.)
(M): "Z, that's a belly button. Button."
(I): "Oh, button. But look, my belly butt still goes in."
(M): (He has SO got to get this figured out before high school...)