Sunday, March 02, 2008

He can't breathe

My little Levi. He really struggles with his lungs. It's been series after series of steroids since November. We're now the proud owners of an allergist and a pediatric pulmonologist. We've spent thousands on testing and meds.

One day, in my desperation to solve his wheezing problems, I attacked the closet in his bedroom. There were stacks of boxes from the move, a dusty old suitcase big enough to hold at least two of the kids, and other unused items. I pulled everything out and vacuumed like a crazy woman. ( The kids are aware that Levi doesn't have the easiest time health-wise, and often make their own assessments about why things are different for Levi. "That cookie will make him sick?" "Levi can't go there because they have a dog and that will make him sick?" "Does milk have milk in it so Levi can't have it 'cuz it will make him sick?") Well, I cleaned for a good hour and hauled the over-sized, dusty luggage into my bedroom. Izak came in, immediately interested in the huge black box. "Mom, why is that in your room now?" "Because it might be making Levi sick (running my finger through the dust)." "So... now Levi's allergic to suitcases too?"


cjoy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry his allergies are so severe. We struggle with allergies on a different level in our in we carry an epipen for the off chance Miss C gets into nuts or dairy or even perchance some melon, though so far that's not been a bad reaction. Thankfully, I'm the only one with lung issues thus far in my family.

I pray Levi is able to get some real help with these doctors!!

Pam said...

So sorry to hear that Heidi, but so glad there are treatments available to help poor Levi breathe.

I'll be praying for your journey with this sweet one.

Shannon said...

We are having ongoing hearing issues, which can be heart breaking. They are probably only temporary... but still scarey. I can't stand to see my kids suffer. :( Sorry your son is struggling with this. I pray he outgrows this.

PJ Jonas said...

Watching your children suffer is no fun.

We've been handling lung problems with my 4 year old (he was hospitalized with double pneumonia in the fall). We've recently removed all dairy from his diet. This hasn't been easy since we have dairy goats and get about 42 gallons of milk a week!

It's been great to watch all the children (we have 8) help out. They have become milk detectives trying to locate the hidden dairy in product labels. They've even caught some that I've missed!

Praying that Levi improves,